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Electric Cables

Home Rewiring

Over the years, electrical wiring can wear out and become less effective. Experts recommend home rewiring at least every fifty years, but your home may need attention sooner. Old, neglected wiring can pose a fire or electrocution hazard. If you experience consistent electrical problems throughout the house, this may be why.


Replacing the wiring in any home is a time-consuming process, and Angel AAA Electric LLC will handle it as efficiently as possible. We provide electrical home remodeling services to keep you and your family safe.


Every homeowner needs a reliable residential electrician, and we are happy to fill that role. We respond quickly to requests for service and provide accurate estimates. While we’re rewiring your home, we can upgrade your electrical panel or install new appliances. We’ll resolve any electrical issues in a timely manner, keeping you informed as we work. Our company values effective communication.


We’re also available when you need a commercial electrician. Our team has experience working with the electrical systems in larger buildings like stores and offices. We understand how important it is to keep your workplace safe and up to local regulations. 


Call today to schedule an appointment for services in the Houston, TX area!

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