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Solar Panel Installation

Angel AAA Electric & Solar LLC specializes in solar panel installation. Installing solar panels benefits both you and the planet. You can save money on your electrical bills, adding up to significant savings over the years. Solar energy is also one of the most environmentally friendly sources of energy. 


Our company is passionate about the potential of solar energy, and we’re happy to list the benefits of installing them on your home or business. The benefits include:

  • Increased property value

  • Lower energy bills

  • Tax credits 

  • Clean, reliable source of energy


Your exact savings depend on the amount of sun you get, the angle of your roof, and the size of the panels. In Houston, you can expect to harness many hours of sunlight each year!


We can also provide solar panel inspection. Without an expert’s opinion, it can be difficult to tell when or if your solar panels aren’t working properly. We’ll send a contractor to check them out and suggest potential repairs if necessary.


Contact us to learn more about solar panels and how they can benefit your household. During the consultation, we can discuss specifics like the size of your roof and how many solar panels it can fit. We’re proud to serve the Houston, TX area!

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